Our Mission

When it comes down to it, at Confluence Communities we want to reinvent the property management experience so residents feel like they belong to a truly authentic community.

Confluence Living StaffWho We Are

Confluence Communities is a Denver-based property management firm dedicated to delighting residents with an unparalleled level of service. We do this by fostering community engagement, offering lifestyle-oriented amenities, and simply caring for the individuals that live and work in our properties.

At Confluence Communities, we pride ourselves in creating the type of residential community atmosphere that people will be excited about and ready to call home.

This passion and dedication has been passed down from our parent real estate company—Confluence Companies—which was founded in 2006. Just as their goal is to create places that simultaneously integrate into the fabric of a community and have a sense of magnetism, it is ours is to make sure each of those communities is welcoming and allows residents to truly feel at home in their home.

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